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  1. As the economic situation continues to , more people are losing their jobs.
  2. The rent our company has to pay to its is astronomical.
  3. I really didn't enjoy the meal in the restaurant, the soup was cold and the meat was .
  4. As she lay on the , the psychiatrist encouraged her to talk about what was troubling her.
  5. The word is short for Candice but it also means 'sweets' in American English.
  6. The main which has to be decided on is, who will represent us in China.
  7. When the heating went off in the middle of the cold spell, I tried to call the but there was no answer.
  8. The chief financial officer is usually subordinate to the chief officer but is always very influential.
  9. At the end of each cartoon, the message to announce the end of the film was "That's all, ".
  10. The manager told the employee that he had done a great to the reputation of the company by his aggressive attitude to the customer.

exercise 5

Hidden Sentences

 Vocabulary Practice

Write the opposites of the following words